Sidewerks is a Digital Dining partner, enabling us to provide our customers with flexible and intuitive restaurant point of sale (POS) solutions. Digital Dining’s versatility allows for a variety of configurations that are suited for everything from table service applications to delivery and digital signage. Whether you run a table service restaurant, bar or nightclub, pizza place, or quick service restaurant, we have a digital dining software solution that is tailored to meet your business’ specific needs.

Features of Digital Dining POS software include

  • Integrated time and attendance
  • Graphical table layout for quick access
  • Item Out 86 list
  • Transfer checks
  • Hold and fire
  • Quick reorder keys
  • Customer tables
  • Graphical split checks
  • Multiple revenue/profit centers
  • Happy hour timers
  • Built in computer training videos
  • Employee messaging
  • Accounts receivable
  • Feature orders and party deposits
  • Recipes and nutritional information
  • Full automatic redundancy (backup)
  • Delivery and takeout registers
  • Caller ID integration
  • Sales contest
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Biometric fingerprint security
  • Mobile POS featuring Apple iPad
  • Integrated frequent diner loyalty program
  • House accounts
  • Scanner and weight scale interface

Mobile and iPad Point of Sale

Mobile devices equipped with your point of sale solution can be used alone or to enhance your existing POS system. Mobile POS empowers wait staff to take orders and payments tableside, decreasing order errors and increasing customer satisfaction. It also shaves time off ordering and payment processes, which can help increase table turnover, getting your patrons out the door more quickly and freeing up the space for your next customer.

EMV-Compliant Solutions

As customers become accustomed to using EMV chip cards, more of your customers expect to be able to use them in your restaurant. EMV technology prevents card fraud at the point of sale — and, by having EMV-compliant solutions at your restaurant, it also protects your business from liability for fraudulent charges and chargebacks.

The solutions Sidewerks provides are EMV-ready and PCI-compliant to keep up with payment regulations — and your competitors — as well as helping you protect your business.

Contact us to learn more about restaurant POS solutions provided by Sidewerks.